Kappa Sigma Journal of Free Thought. March 3, 2021

[mind bites town]

But Only If and Strictly

To the Kappa Sigman and the genuinely concerned citizen public (but only if you agree wholeheartedly):

For immediate public dispatch: You are encouraged to deeply and widely post and share this link, online and asap: https://kappasigmafraternity.net/xrtk/mind-bites-town-010320201.html

You are also encouraged to post it offline, with equal vigor and urgency.

For offline use: Download this hi-res print-friendly file and post photocopies thereof wherever “applicable” (bulletin boards, freedom walls, you get the idea), here: https://kappasigmafraternity.net/xrtk/img/mind-bites-town-010320201.pdf

P.S. Feel free to remove/replace featured signatory, as you see fit.

[Published March 3, 2021]