Kappa Sigma Journal of Free Thought. October 6, 2020


Covid, Objectively

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.; close-up view of vocalist Bob Dylan, August 28, 1963

You can't call the news fair, balanced, and moreso objective if it only tells one side of the story. The same logic applies to Covid.

Below are two sides to Covid. One from the main "official" source for all things Covid.  The other, from one of many "unofficial" sources that question the official narrative on Covid.

Be that as it may. The thinking animal— call him K— approaches both sources equally, with an open mind. From there he proceeds with what rational tools he has at his disposal and attempts to connect his own dots. If he could not make heads or tails of what he is starting to see, he forges on. With objectivity as his guiding principle, he tries to draw his own conclusions, assuming he even arrives at one.

He has done his homework. He has done his own research.

It is possible that the entire exercise could leave him even more confused than before he first began this newfound personal scholarship of his

But that's alright.

Confusion is also conclusion. And besides, no true science is ever really finished. Which is why the best scientists always keep an open mind.

Outside now, alone with his san miguel, K hums along to company bob singing “the answer my friend…

He takes a swig, flips a coin, big bright Dog Star in the sky.

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[Published October 6, 2020]